Massages Viktor Valivaj

Well-Being Massage


With the well-being massage you will get an unforgettable experience for your body, mind and soul. The spiritual harmony and mental well-being will be restored. Depending on your needs you will get a relaxed whole-body massage or a massage of… [ more ]

Classic Back Massage


It is a treat for your back. The various massage techniques solves the blocks and muscle tensions and the circulation of the back muscle will be activated. Get the ideal relaxation for your back! Duration: 30 minutes [ more ]

Hot Stone Massage


Enjoy the soothing warmth of the stones on your skin! Even stubborn tensions will be disappearing with the Hot Stone massage. The combination of warm volcanic stones, fragrant oils and intense massage let you forget every stress. Up to 40 degrees… [ more ]



The foot-reflex-zone-massage militates for a very natural treatment with a broad action spectrum. The massage itself lend excellent to ease energy blockades and harmonizes the whole immune system. In addition it supports the mobility for muscles,… [ more ]

Whole Body Massage

from 55,00

Get the experience of a relaxing massage from head to toe. Let your body spoil with warm aromatic oils from our experienced masseur. Duration: 50 minutes [ more ]

Honey Massage


Enjoy a special massage and experience the natural effects of honey on your skin and muscles. Duration: 30 minutes [ more ]